April 19, 2022

My Favorite Video Games

  1. Civilization II
  2. Transport Tycoon
  3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  4. Fallout and Fallout 2
  5. Dragon Age: Origins
  6. Mass Effect 2
  7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  8. Jagged Alliance
  9. Europa Universalis
  10. Command&Conquer
  11. Hitman: Codename 47
  12. Heroes of Might and Magic III
  13. Tropico: Paradise Island
  14. Max Payne
  15. GoldenLand 2 (Златогорье 2)

July 07, 2021

My HEC Paris Journey, Part IX: The Diploma and Final Thoughts

This is the summary of my 2 years doing the master’s program. I received my paper diploma last week. I was awarded Master of Science with honors (only 10% of students get this high recognition). A few weeks ago, we had a virtual graduation ceremony. I hope to visit the campus next year to reunite in person with my classmates.

While waiting for the diploma, I had a previlige to host a webinar with one of our professors, Prof. Etienne KRIEGERMSIE Webinar : How to Overcome Conflicts Between Associates. I shared my tips on forming a team and working out conflicts between startup founders.


July 07, 2021

My HEC Paris Journey, Part VIII: The Team Project

The team project for my master’s degree in Innovation and Entreprenurship from HEC Paris took about a year. First, we were a team of four people. Then one person dropped out of the program and we were left just three of us: two guys from Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area and one guy from France.

Anyone could have pitched their own idea to the whole cohort so that the most popular ideas attract teammates to collaborate. Some team had as many as six people!


November 15, 2020

My HEC Paris Journey, Part VII: The Last Courses

Today, I just finished the last (20th) course for the MSIE program. The course was on Venture Capital and Private Equity and it concludes the academic part of the masters program. I wrote academic because the courses weren’t just theoretical. We did had a lot of practice preparing our assignments and working on business cases.

Now, the only thing is left is to finish the team project that my team of three worked on for the pretty much the entire year. My team and I have to present the pitch deck for our product to the jury in a similar way how the startups pitch investors. We’ll get our grades and finish our Master of Science degree.


October 07, 2020

Why Maslow's Pyramid is Wrong

Many of you know Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Actually, Maslow’s never came up with a pyramid. He had a ladder. Other people took his ladder and created a pyramid that is now used in management books.


October 07, 2020

Disadvantages of Rich People

Rich people can and do risk more than ordinary people. And they do so intentionally. This puts them at a disadvantage. Ironically, these risks and dangers are rarely experienced by middle class or poor people, because these risky activities require expensive equipment, machines or gear.


June 02, 2020

My HEC Paris Journey, Part VI: Thoughts 3/4 Into the MSIE Program

I’m 3/4 into the Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) degree program at HEC Paris, and it is a time to write a reflection on my experience. I’ll think about whether it was worth the time and effort, and of course if I’m getting what I expected.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of universities and colleges moved to virtual classes. We, at MSIE, had a 100% virtual/online program from the beginning. Our cohort is number four which means HEC and Coursera figured out a lot of issues that they might have had before, like in any version 1.0 product. My cohort started in Jun 2019 so this post mark a year into the program.


March 29, 2020

My HEC Paris Journey, Part V: Negotiate Like Your Life Depends on It

Time flies. I’m already about two-thirds into the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at HEC Paris. The previous post I wrote was My HEC Paris Journey, Part IV: Organize and Incentivize. From the time I published it, I’ve taken these seven courses:

  1. Design Thinking,
  2. Social Entrepreneurship & Changemaking,
  3. Scaling Up Operations,
  4. Marketing through Social Media,
  5. Team Working,
  6. How to Create a Business Plan and
  7. Fundamentals of Negotiation.

That’s a lot of courses in a span of several month. There were a lot of useful tidbits, insights and tips. Too many to write about right now. Ergo, I’ll talk in more details about the latest course which I finished today—Fundamentals of Negotiation.


January 26, 2020

MMAT: My Learning Approach

In our day and age, learning is more important than ever because things change so rapidly. I learned a taught a lot of things during my career which led me to discover that the best and the most effective learning method is to use MMAT: Motivation, Methodology, Action and Time.


January 12, 2020

Wishing a Nice Meal (in Five Languages)

In English, to wish someone a nice and tasty meal is said with “enjoy your meal”. I never liked this phrase because it sounds like a command—enjoy! And if you don’t obey my command then there will be repercussions. Of course, it’s silly to think of this phrase this way but still the “enjoy your meal” phrase sounds too harsh and not elegant. Maybe people try to remind each other that they should enjoy their food instead of gulping fast food on the go or chowing down a salad while browsing Facebook and answering emails?