Carnivore Superpowers

Written by Azat MardanJanuary 06, 2024

Lions resting

It’s been ten years since my paleo superpowers post. And while paleo is good, carnivore is even better. It’s like having double the amount of superpowers, including but not limited to the following:

  • More mental power, clarity and better problem solving because ketones are better fuel for the brain.
  • More time to play and live while less sleep is needed because the body doesn’t have to process all the plant toxins.
  • Fewer sports injuries because the body just heals better.
  • Faster recovery from flu/cold, sickness, if I ever get it (typically not).
  • Ability to skip meals and do multi-day water-only fasting.
  • Longevity because of low body fat, more muscle mass and ability to fast.
  • More energy, no sluggishness after meals.
  • Calmer mood and better handling of stressful situations.
  • Less time for meal/meat preparation because plans and veggies require most of the time to unpoison, peel, slice and cook.
  • Easier to live, because grocery shopping and restaurant menus choosing are much, much faster (less is more).
  • Not being a slave to the hangry (angry and hungry) state and sugar cravings.

Carnivore diet and their variations (Lion Diet) are probably the best life hack out there. The facts are obvious:

  • Carnivore is the evolutionary diet, that’s how our ancestors ate and how humans evolved to eat.
  • Animal food (i.e., meat) is the most nutrient and bioavailable food.
  • Carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet for autoimmune conditions.

It’s been already proven to be the original human diet but sadly most doctors and people don’t know about it. And even if they have heard about it, they dismiss it as dangerous or a fad. It’ll be funny to look back in 20-40 years when the popular opinion will change to favor carnivore-like diets.