Big Fish in a Small Pound 🐟

Written by Azat MardanJune 10, 2023

It’s good to be a big fish in a small pond. It gives more visibility, uniqueness and influence that bring more opportunities. Also, it’s easier to migrate to a larger pond when you grow to a big fish in a small pond. So first, we all should focus on becoming a big fish in our current (probably small) pond. Stories of success of growing to a big fish in a large pond are mostly survivor bias type stories or overnight success stories that took 10 years in the making… and a lot of jumps from small pond to bigger pond and then eventually to open ocean!

If the pond is too small, if you think that it’s not thrilling, motivating nor exciting to grow into a big fish there, then please take a second look. Probably, the pond is still big enough to be a stepping stone. A lot of startups try to launch straightway in the US or at least Europe while being from developing countries. That’s a big mistake because they are far from their customers and have all sorts of disadvantages of not playing on their home-field.