Why Liking to Travel and Enjoying the Journey is Stupid

Written by Azat MardanDecember 12, 2016

Every time someone says: “I like traveling”, I know they are lying. Typically these people don’t travel much, or they foolishly think living in a foreign country for more than few weeks is traveling (hint: it’s called living in a country, if you stay there more than 3-4 weeks)… or they are plain simple masochists.

“Enjoy the journey, not the destination” is a bunch of crap. People who say enjoy the journey and the destination are CONFUSED. I want the destination. I like the destination. I need the destination. I like to have a walk the streets of Paris, or a cup of coffee in Plaza Vieja in Habana, or soak in blue lagoon in Reykjavik or eat pig knuckle in Prague. Why should I enjoy the commute to the airport, going thru security lines, sitting in closed spaced with stranger and all other troubles of traveling?

Let’s call things properly. Traveling is not being at a place and experiencing good things. Screw the journey. Enjoy the destination!