How to Find Time: Stop Finding and Start Creating It

Written by Azat MardanFebruary 04, 2017

When people hear that I published 14 books and several online courses while speaking at 17 conferences in 2016 and working full time at Capital One on hands-on projects, they ask one question: “How do you find time?”. Simple answer is I don’t.

I never lost time to find it. Every day each of us gets 24 hour. Not more and not less. Generally it’s not a lack of time but a lack of energy. Have you ever come from work and felt tired, then had dinner and vegetated on a sofa watching yet another TV show? I use this time to write books, blogs, and courses.

I also create time. People like to watch movies while flying. I write this blog post right now as I’m 10000s feet up in the air. People like to play games on their iPhones and Android while in a subway commuting to work (I hope not while driving!). I listen to books and podcasts to educate myself and stay on top of current technologies and events. People spend time looking at social media to become negative because they can’t keep up with the Jones. I get my relevant news from digests and newsletters while automating social media postings.

In the end, time is not the problem and often times you can create more time. Having enough energy is more important, and flow and paleo helps me with that.