Success Formula

Written by Azat MardanMay 27, 2017

Before I wrote that success is boring. It still sounds true to me now, but I noticed a simple yet powerful formula for success. It works in almost all cases as far as I know based on dozens of biographies and autobiographies I’ve read and heard.

Success is talent plus hard work plus luck.

Talent is about up-brining and genes. It’s related to luck but the luck formula component itself is more about present and future than predetermined past of early childhood, country of origin, language or culture.

The luck in the formula could be generated by more hard work (more activity leads to more opportunity), but it’s not a guaranteed linear relationship because statistically numbers could be low for the cause and effect to play out.

Hard work is self explanatory. More talent can require less hard work and vice versa if you are less talented you could compensate to a certain degree with hard work.

So three components are related and might affect one another but as a general direction this formula clear and universal. It makes going for success in any area straightforward.