Snowball Change ❄️❄️❄️

Written by Azat MardanOctober 10, 2017

This year I had a lot of changes. And I’ll have more until the end of year! It started with a small one. I upgraded my laptop. The tool which I use 8-10 hours everyday. Then I changed the place of living… and did other really big life changes. Small things lead to big changes. It’s a snowball. I remember something about cognitive dissonance. Probably that’s it. If you are decisive and not afraid of changes for good, then it translates to other areas of life and work…

What’s funny is that every big change which I did was perceived as bigger before but in fact was 10x easier. The lesson: don’t think changing is hard. Stop your mind when it starts to envision any problems or hurdles which might not even materialize. Of course, account for the worse scenario but don’t paralyze yourself with excessive analysis. Avoid analysis paralysis by taking action even if it’s a small action at first.