Disadvantages of Rich People

Written by Azat MardanOctober 07, 2020

Rich people can and do risk more than ordinary people. And they do so intentionally. This puts them at a disadvantage. Ironically, these risks and dangers are rarely experienced by middle class or poor people, because these risky activities require expensive equipment, machines or gear.

For example, the following activities present increased dangers:

  • Driving sports/fast cars
  • Riding motorcycles
  • SCUBA diving
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Sky diving
  • Piloting planes or helicopters
  • Traveling to exotic locations (full of diseases)
  • Over eating
  • Over indulgence in alcoholic drinks (or other addictive substances)
  • Partying
  • Experimental medical and health procedures
  • Using dubious biohacking gadgets
  • Attending cult-like gurus and seminars

Other activities are huge time sucks that require mental energy (headspace) on maintenance and increased worries:

  • Partaking in difficult hobbies, e.g,. golfing, surfing
  • Buying cars
  • Buying large houses and buying extra homes
  • Buying gadgets, e.g., yachts, RVs
  • Participating in fame events (TV interviews, conference keynotes, etc.)
  • Chasing fashion and brands

The mentioned activities cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time. Yet statistically these activities often lead to increased risk of serious injuries and fatalities. In a way, rich people are more at risk and have less time than ordinary people. They also more worried and distracted by having to think about all those items (i.e., lack of headspace).

Of course, some hobbies help to escape or add joy. The tricky part is the balance. And of course, reading a book or watching a TV which is super cheap or free is less dangerous than riding a motorcycle.

Paradoxically, people get rich because they are lucky and spend time working. But then they get unlucky (die early or injure themselves) or just don’t have enough time or headspace. It’s funny how a lot of people want to get rich to partake in some of the aforementioned activities. But they don’t realize that they would be at a disadvantage. If you are a rich person, try to avoid these disadvantages.