PaleoFX 2016

Written by Azat MardanJune 04, 2016

PaleoFX 2016 Panel: Paleo is growing bigger and business helps it

I wrote before about how being on a paleo lifestyle is like having superpowers. Last week, I was lucky to attend PaleoFX, the biggest Paleo conference. It was kind of surreal to be around thousands of like-minded people, to see in-person almost all famous New York Times #1 Best-Sellers paleolebrities, and to be surrounded with all kinds of safe paleo-friendly food&drinks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Paleo business is growing: There were all kind of paleo flours, sweets, bars, powders, broths, fats and coffee infused with just about anything (butter, coconut, even mushrooms!).
  • Paleolebrities are regular people: most of them hang out at the expo or after giving their presentations to answer questions. I took a picture with Robb Wolf with who’s book my paleo journey started 6 years ago.
  • There were insane number of healthy and fit looking people doing workout workshops (inspiring) as well as average looking people (making it less intimidating).
  • Bone broth is liquid gold: I knew that broth is healing but after listening to Dr. Kellyann I decided to become disciplined about drinking 2 cups of bone broth. Her protocol is bone broth for 21 days and fast 1-2 days per week.
  • Ben Greenfield’s presentation was full of bio hacks to increase cognitive performance like jaw realignment, morning brain flush, infra-red saunas, yoga, low intensity PEMF and others.
  • Our gut bacteria has more DNA material than we: Dr. Perlmutter gave a great presentation reinforcing the importance of our gut biome. One of the analogies stuck with me: we uploaded our DNA/genes to the cloud which is our gut bacteria.
  • Lack of sleep is aging and killing you faster: Just one night of sleep deprivation increases aging 10-15 years (temporarily) and decreases cognitive functions.
  • It’s harder to legally sell raw milk than marijuana (in some cases).
  • A lot of science is not reliable, because studies to replicate findings and peer reviews are disincentivized.

Overall, it was a great event to reinforce familiar, and learn new things about paleo lifestyle. I also got a lot of contacts for paleo-friendly web stores, products and services which will make my life on the paleo lifestyle even easier than before!