Fast Food Paleo Style

Written by Azat MardanJune 04, 2014

Oftentimes, we are on the go, have to travel or just want to indulge in the staple of the standard American diet (SAD) — fast food. Personally, I find most fast food restaurants convenient. They are quick, offer a good value and have predictable quality.

Here is what I order:

  • Salad with proteins (chicken or beef) and without croutons/bread/corn/grains
  • Burgers without buns, some places call them “wrapped in lettuces”

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while to a small side of french fries (with garlic, yum!) or a smoothie/milk shake. Even Mark Sisson says that we should’t be hard on ourselves all the time (80/20 rule). Just be careful not to make it a daily (or for some even a weekly trip can be dangerous) meal!

My favorite joints are: