Escapism: Stop Wasting Time and Distracting Yourself with Traveling

Written by Azat MardanDecember 12, 2016

A lot of people are brainwashed into spending their hard-earned money into enduring stresses of traveling and adjusting to new places for subpar experiences. They even say: Work hard, play hard. Why?! Because resorts need to make money. Seriously, most people prefer the escapism and procrastination. Is it really worth it?

Let’s be honest, if you are a tourist, it’s harder to find good (price/value) food, gym, entertainment comparing to when you are local. There are even guide on how to travel like a local because traveling like a tourist gives people subpar and overpriced experiences. Also, traveling is a dangerous, time consuming stressful hassle.

To sum up:

  1. You waste time waiting in lines and for transportation (procrastination!)
  2. You risk germs, terrorist attacks, malfunctions, criminals
  3. You spend more on worst food/lodging/etc.
  4. You have to use slower internet
  5. You risk comparing and keeping up with the Joneses (distractions!)

Travel for business is okay, but only if any other means like Skype won’t cut it. Most of the times, video and voice calls will do it! Think clearly if this urge is an urge to escape the difficulties instead of facing them. Procrastinating instead of solving problems. If you need some rest, then consider a staycation—you won’t need to pay extra and risk a bad experience. You can find more piece and calm closer to you. Maybe go to a spa or on a hike. No need to fly to Cancun or Las Vegas and end up even more tired.