About Efficiency, Digital and Remote Work

Written by Azat MardanJuly 29, 2017

Needless to say that cafes, open offices, commute and slow internet all impede productivity. To increase efficiency, distraction-free flow and productivity, I stayed home for a few days over the weekend to work on a project.

I finished the project and made some money all digitally and remotely via the Internet and phone. I ordered food (groceries) using food delivery services. I worked out in a gym in my building and got fresh air on my patio.

The result was an weird feeling that I don’t need to leave my home at all. It’s almost magical to realize the digital inflow of money (salary and book royalties) and digital outflow (to pay for food). Also, I was healthier because I cooked at home instead of eating out, and I didn’t listen to gossips or read/watch news even in passing on a gym’s TV or in metro.

It’s fascinating that all can be done digitally witout leaving one’s home and it’s peculiar how little humans needs sometimes for productive, satisfactory and healthy live.