All Restaurants Are Bad

Written by Azat MardanAugust 05, 2014

We love to go out and treat ourselves to nice meals! But it’s unhealty, because almost all US restaurants are bad for you in the long run. Why? This is a common sense and it has to do with us when we favor cheaper places.

In order for restaurants to stay in business they need to generate profits and cut costs:

  • Would a restaurant use more expensive extra virgin olive or coconut oil instead of cheap vegetable (mutant) oils like Canola? No.
  • Would they use more expensive wild caught fish (especially salmon in sushi places) instead of antibiotic-filled farm-raised one? No.
  • Would they use more expensive organic vegetables and fruits instead of conventional ones? No.
  • Would they use more expensive organic grass-fed meat and poultry instead of conventional grain-fed one? No.

Therefore, when we vote with our dollars, we shouldn’t just choose cheaper places. If we continue doing it, organic good food will never become mainstream and cheap. Same thing happened with high-speed airlines: Concorde became extinct because passengers preferred cheaper but slower flying options.

What if it’s too expensive to eat at a good place like Laughing Planet? Just cook at home! :-)